Potpourri Pan America: Headline news –car bombs getting closer? And more…


[Photo from Yahoo News]  It’s not “purty”, but it’s a border fence:  US troops to deploy on Mexico border in August

1.  Even Argentina seems to care:  the cavalry to the rescue in Arizona — not really but, all right.

2.  Car bombs in Afghanistan, and on the Texas-Mexico border!    — oops!

3.  Other nations in Latin American join the U.S.A. in suing Arizona!:   say what???

4.   Even in Bolivia the story about the super secret anti terrorism program in the U.S.A.  — is big news…  Maybe it’s because they have a vested interest?

5.  Argentina even approves same-sex marriages  — and it’s a Catholic country — well, overall, its people are…  You know what I mean…

6.  American policy in Afghanistan is in turmoil, but do any likely voters care?   — we shall see in November…

7.   Chavez in Venezuela has tried to stamp out Capitalism :  — but it’s still selling…

8.  Endangered animals   — some are trying to help.

9.  Racism or not?  Department of Agriculture employee resigns (Video).  

10.  A bit of Texas-Mexico border data — Presidio, Texas

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