Mexico avoids a revolution at one end, but at the other its institutions and America’s social order suffer

[Carlos Slim is one who recently has become more humanitarian, but as a whole the Mexican elite are not a humanitarian lot.]

Carlos Slim Helu

*  Mexico exports  people north and keeps the powder keg from exploding into a full-blown revolution against its rich ruling class [similar conditions still exist in 2010]  and against its traditionally inept and corrupt government — altho’ Calderon is trying to make improvements more than its other recent presidents have.

**  The Mexican drug cartels  export their products north,  Americans keep buying them and local governments here make it easier for cartels to “grow  ” their business by encouraging their use when they pass lenient anti-drug laws,  or weaken them.    [Photo from ABC.]  

 Soldiers guard a crime scene in Ciudad Juarez   

Just sayin’…

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  1. Illegal drug use in the U.S. certainly does support the problems that the Mexican government faces.

    And the fact that illegal immigration to the U.S. from Mexico provides both money and unemployment relief to dampen the prospect revolution is a factor in propping up the current Mexican regime.

    Still, these are problems that the U.S. needs to deal with on its own rather than look to the Mexican government as the sole solution. It all comes back to the U.S. acting from a position of strength, not from the weaknesses that all too apparent in the current administration.

    • “… It all comes back to the U.S. acting from a position of strength, not from the weaknesses… ”
      Maine, you have the knack to grasp the essentials of the argument/problem…

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