Potpourri Pan America: Headline News — Give the Heisman belately to Vince/rich Mexicans there and here,… plus…

[Texas Longhorn Vince Young scoring against USC at the Rose Bowl to win the BCS National Championship: Mark J. Rebilas photo.]    Young


1.  Vince Young deserved it then, and deserves it now — yes, I’m an ol’ Longhorn fan, Hook ’em… 

2.  Anyone think it’s racism driving things? 

3.  Cyrano’s Viewpoint:  He took the time to write.

4.  Rich Mexicans in……in, America! — surprised?

4.  Car bombs in Afghanistan, and on the Texas-Mexico border!   —  Help, send the Special Ops boys

5.  Other nations in Latin American join the U.S.A. in suing Arizona!:   you kiddin’?


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  1. Regarding “blind ideological dogma…” We would do well to keep a sharp eye on cast ballots in the coming presidential election. I forsee more attempts to “rig” the coming election. We know what to expect from a candidate who previously has been “creative” with voter’s ballots. This is not the time to be asleep at the wheel…remember that old saying…Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me.

    • “creative” ballots, for sure ….. particularly if ACORN enjoys a resurgence. Come to think of it, their political activities seem to have been deeded to SEIU and other thuggish labor entities.

  2. “Rich Mexicans in ….. ” showcases the type of immigrants that America should be courting.

    Link #2 ….. Obama talked one hell of a game on the campaign trail. His rhetoric, though, has not been followed up by the policies and changes that he inferred. Instead, his insistence on blind ideological dogma to shape his administration and its governance has severely worsened the problems that he boasted that he would fix. His falling poll numbers are a good indication that the public is becoming more and more aware of Obama’s inability to perform up the standards that he promised. Let’s hope that voter anger over this betrayal will translate to the neutering of the arrogant agenda of the Democratic leadership and the restoration of checks and balances in the Legislative branch.

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