Persons of the Week: citizens of Bell, California // tax dodging U.S. Senator John Kerry

[Photo from A.P. and Yahoo News.]

A resident of Bell, Calif,. holds up a placard calling for the ouster of city officials during a special city council meeting, Thursday, July 22, 2010 

1. Citizens of  Bell, California:  who finally rebelled to force out 3 of their highly  overpaid public servants — yearly, the City manager was getting paid almost $800,000, the assistant City Manager almost $400,000 and the Police Chief almost $500, 000 (yes, that’s right)…  [The nucleus of the City Council  were being paid about $100,000 a year, individually!: their fate is still in limbo…]  Bell is a struggling bluecollar predominantly Latino community of about 40,000 in the vicinity of Los Angeles…

Maybe a little belatedly the Tea Party sentiment has arrived in Bell, but arrived nonetheless…   Power to the People… 

2. U.S. Sen. John Kerry (Mass.):  avoids paying taxes on luxury boat — he who as a senator seems to love making others pay taxes, reportedly bought a 76 foot sloop at a price of about $7,000,000, but to avoid his home state’s higher tax rates, he will dock it in Rhode Island where the taxes are much lower…  Pay up, senator!


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  1. Kerry’s money comes from his wife, of course. He has built a very successful career as a gigolo – and a public scold whose specialty is insistence that everyone else pay their share of the “fair tax” burden.

    It is, of course, a given that the Democratic suck-up press in Massachusetts has ignored this story while having gleefully pilloried local Republican politicians who have used the same dodge with much smaller boats..

  2. I wonder if there is another Madame DeFarge lurking about, knitting names of unsuspecting, greedy public servants. You know those elected politicians who find ways to ‘live large’ at the taxpayer’s expense.

    As for El Stupido, Senator Kerry; man if you can afford $7M for a fancy canoe, pay the freaking taxes you owe!

    You politicians think this is one of your silly games of “Who can get away with sticking it to the people who pay your salaries.” We know you politicians sit around in your country clubs chuckling with your buddys about your latest scams.

    Be advised, people are taking names and kicking butt!

    • re ” … people are taking names and kicking butt!” /and/ “… $7M for a fancy canoe, …”– maybe in the November elections the people will send a strong message…

      “Freaking” funny narrative as well as insightful!

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