Potpourri Pan America: Headline news — Reverse migrations?: will the Border Patrol give them a boost up and back over? And more.



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1.   From Laredo, Texas, the Zetas are not in control — but the drug cartels ARE quite active on both sides of the border.

2.  Power of the drug cartels vs. the free press? — the bullets are mightier  than the pen?

3.  Chavez is actually changing or just wanted the reward? 

We’ll see…. 4.  Is there some reciprocity here? — U. S. assures Chavez no attack coming…

5.  If Paraguayan poor can do it, it could be done here? — show some American ingenuity…

6.  Good that Peru is fighting the drug problem — but why not buy American?

7.  Look out, maybe there will be some reverse migration — but what will be done about climbing the fence back?  Will the Border Patrol give them a boost up?

8.  Russian are selling and selling — I wonder if America is even making cold calls?

9.  How about some hard facts!  

10.  Or so they say.


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  1. Im usually more serious but I can see the Border people giving some of them a boost over the fence.Humorous.

  2. I’m sure that Hugo Chavez has reasons for whatever he does and I suspect that teh interests of the U.S. do not head the list.

    That said, the arrest of major drug players is always a good thing. What will come of it is another matter. Reducing the market for illegal drugs would also be a very good thing, but that would depend on our citizens using some restraint and not using the stuff.

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