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1.  The American combat militaryman/woman:  it has been written here and elsewhere that the nation’s voluntary military is stretched too thin fulfilling the missions with which it is burdened across the globe, and consequently is suffering from things such as never-ending  actual combat, from post combat stresses, from too many rotations and too many separations from family…  They deserve not only salutes from everyone, but from politicians they deserve sound and logical military policies — which they are not getting…

 2.  [Photo below from Huffington Post, Charlie Rangel]

 Charlie Rangel Punishment

Congressman Charlie Rangel:  A good example of what not to be as a people’s representative, and even a better example of why term limits are needed in Washington D.C., — he seems to be but one of several at the tip of the iceberg of incompetent, selfish and corrupt elected officials.


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  1. Thank you Margaret and Maine for your comments about the persons of week… On both counts of course I concur… The unscrupulous politicians are at the root of many of our problems, and without sounding like a broken record, the mid term November elections will be more important than ever…

  2. Mr. Rangel is a poster child for everything that is wrong with Congress and a walking advertisement for term limits. It is likely that this criminal will escape any severe consequences for actions that would land the average citizen in jail for many years.

    Congress takes care of its own, which is why “clearing the swamp” should be a national imperative – but it is questionable if there are enough ethical, moral, non-entitlement voters left to make it happen.

  3. The troops are doing their job but in more ways than one they are being placed in unclear positions by politicians. President Obama and his other politicians have made too many mistakes that are hurting the troops and our country.

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