U.S. Officials: “War goals modest in Afghanistan”


However difficult it might be to contemplate, if anyone doubted it when more than one said it, here it is again, with saddened heart: because its foreign policy is and has been in disarray, the Obama Administration will likely lose the war in Afghanistan but declare victory — and those under its spell will march in parades to celebrate… 

Shameful… Many young and older men and women in the service of the country have been misled by these politicians, and the military men and women, and the nation, suffer the effects …

“It all seems to be a shell game being played on mostly unsuspecting decent citizens, and is another indication of why politicians are overall not trusted…   Again, the November elections will tell if the citizenry is paying attention and if they will be able to figure out under which shell the nut is, or if the nut isn’t under any shell — or, if everyone is being played for a nut…”


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  1. Most prescient, Pan Am.

    Obama and his incompetent crew must needs move quickly to declare victory (while losing) so that they can exit Afghanistan before things get so bad that the farce will not play out.

    I am surprised that the Afghan Taliban/rebel forces simply do not lie low for a year or so, knowing that Obama would leap at the chance to declare hostilities at an end and withdraw American forces. Perhaps this shows the depth of their fanaticism.

    Obfuscation is a staple of the Obama administration (the actual “nuts” in the game). With an approval poll rate of 11%, Congress deserves the reputation of being untrustworthy.

    • I agree. They could lie low for a year or so as you say but who knows what they think.

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