Potpourri Pan America: Headline news — Maricopa County sheriff is singled out, Obama of Velcro, and more


Is Waters in hot water?

1.  Arizona: the Drug Cartels threaten the  Maricopa County sheriff?      — Is it really true or someone seeking publicity?

2.  The Soviet Union collapsed under economic pressure…  Cuba, too?    – Things seem to be changing a bit…

3.  A presidential pardon too poliically hot, so a “backdoor amnesty”?   — will it work?

4.  Obama not of Teflon but of Velcro?       —   Let’s  see how it plays out.

5.  Even the New York Times suggests the government stimulus was not one    —  and what else?

6.  Mexico and others gain UNESCO World Heritage status       —  some good news for Mexico.  The common folk deserve it…

7.  Drug cartels create problems — stop the madness, better to get off, but Americans keep buying…

 8. Where does the Gulf oil spill debris go?     —  into regular landfills in municipalities, its seems…

9.  Did Bill Clinton’s daughter marry?   — you mean you were not invited?

10.  Miller,dead at 99    — does anyone remember?


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  1. I remember him.Good “entertainer”. I didn’t know he was still alive.

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