Republicans to shoot themselves on the collective foot?

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Mitch McConnell

Being involved with the idea of restricting citizenship even though someone is born in the U.S.A .  will likely hurt the Republicans…  Hel-lo-o-o-o!… Who is manning the rudder for that Party?.. .. They are surely in danger of snatching defeats from the jaws of possible victories….


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  1. There are other issues that the Republicans could more profitably focus on then this narrow slice of the immigration debate. Immigration law and border enforcement should be a prime topic – any fine-tuning on the subject should be reserved for the future.

    Even a dimwit like Harry Reid can score points off this kind of blunder. If the Republicans want to do well in the fall, they need to provide firm solutions for the economy, illegal immigration, the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, and do something to restore confidence in the moral and ethical stature of Congress.

  2. Yes, Alfie, as you seem to suggest, under the the current circumstances the matter is a “hot potato”, tho’ in a more tranquil setting it might have been something different…
    Maybe some in the Republican Party have made the calculation that the party stands to solidify and gain more support, than lose it, by bringing up the issue…

  3. Although unfortunately racially charged such an amendment isn’t the total boogie man people try to make it out as. In the 21st century with globalization and easy global travel one can hardly believe that the intentional or unintentional birth of a child to legal or illegal nationals of another nation SHOULD bestow US citizenship upon the baby.
    I’d add that the intentional pursuit of anchor baby,citizenship by proxy should never have been found acceptable.

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