The Obama Administration leadership in Iraq and Afghanistan has been deficient?

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It could be said that Tariq Aziz, former trusted lieutenant of the Saddam Hussein Iraqi government, is simply continuing the anti -American rhetoric of the departed strongman of many years past when among other charges he states that Obama is leaving Iraq to the wolves because of the policies put in place there when the president became America’s  governmental leader… 

But not so fast on the assumptions because many in this country also envisioned the many dangers that have been lurking ever since during the campaign when then candidate Obama made his future course of action in Iraq clear…  In this writer’s humble view the President Obama did a disservice to the American nation and to the government in place here then when publically he let the opposition know in Iraq and in Iran that combat operations in Iraq by the American military under him would come to an end on his schedule…

Bad judgment then and now.

The president seems to see things as whatever he wishes they might be and then tries to convince people his perceptions of the present are actual reality, when  factually they often are simply his wishful thinking… Troops continue to die, but meanwhile his military decisions seem to be based on  a hodge-podge series of ideas that have little or no sensible rationale other than his seeming desire to declare victory in Iraq and Afghanistan, and then proceed to convince people he won two wars… 

Bad perceptions, bad judgments, bad courses of action…

Iraq and Afghanistan could turn out to be America’s failures, failures because President Obama led the country to those failures… Regardless of the rationalization of some, The buck stops with him

Does the majority of the voting public understand what is happening and will it vote to send him a message in November?

Just sayin’…

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  1. It’s good that people like you and others express their views about controversial topics dealing with our government. We need that. Thank you,

  2. This particular President is arguably the most inexperienced and unqualified to ever hold the office and his actions regarding the two conflicts – and foreign policy in general – simply underline his unworthiness.

    America will pay dearly in years to come for the damage that this neophyte continues to inflict on all areas of governance.

    As you have pointed out, PanAm, the responsibilities are now his despite his serial efforts to blame every ongoing problem on his predecessor.

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