Potpourri Pan America: Headline news — from President Obama’s missing coattails, to the First Lady’s traveling, and much more


First Lady Michelle Obama

1.  Selling secrets to China pays — is anybody paying attention to South America and Asia?

2.  Hugo Chavez provides 30% inflation for Venezuela — another leftist messing up the economy.

3.  The First Lady’s junket to Spain did not get the desired positive reaction from the Latino news media — even the Spanish media powerhouse UNIVISION  runs critical stories about the costly trip… 

4.  Forces of Pres. Evo Morales of Bolivia will train civilian militias  — to keep himself in power through force, if needed.

5.  Mexico plans to sue BP and the U.S.A. — I thought we were on the same team.

6.  In Election year, Democrats trying to run and hide from what they have done in Congress — they are simply scared?…

7.  Weirder and weirder: Ex Pres. Fox want to surrender to the drug cartels — legalize street drugs and declare victory…  Sounds like some in the U.S.A.

8.  President Obama in Texas and state and local Democratic politicians run from him — nobody wants to hold on to his coattails

9.  Even Maureen Dowd was down on the First Lady — now that says something because she seems to think Democrats walk on water.

10.  Kudlow: Panic in the White House? — what now, circular firing squad?


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  1. Comment about “third world ” trappings easily creates a clear visual…

  2. Interesting to watch the attempted spin on the First Lady’s mega-expensive junket.

    Some of the relevant facts include some added costs to her Secret Service detail (foreign travel), the 60-some people who make up her entourage (including a dozen or so whose salaries alone run over $3 million and who most likely did not pay their own way), the nearly $200,000 that it costs to provide a huge Air Force jet to ferry all of these people too and from Spain and of course a plethora of other hidden costs borne by the taxpayers.

    This regime more and more seems to be adopting the extravagant trappings of third-world dictatorships.

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