Potpourri Pan America: Headline news – Obama, Elvis is alive (in pics), Hamas, Governor Paterson, and more


[Photo from the “Mail on-line”]

Almost 3,000 people died on September 11, 2001, after Muslim hijackers flew two hijacked jetliners into the centre's Twin Towers

1.  Obama backtracks? /  Hamas and Obama say build baby build  ? — how about some sensibility, understanding and respect – lest we forget!..  And Governor Paterson is trying to be responsive, it seems?!

2.  No wonder no one is at the rudder — too many top priorities.

3.  O.K. folks, pay your higher taxes — in some weird thinking, the spin is that it’s Bush’s fault? !

4.  Cut Food Stamps for the First Lady’s pet project! — what’s going on?

5.  The border is volatile and takes a toll — ask the families of the dead Border Patrol guys.

6.  Machines are winning! — and, the government! Ray would say that..

7.  A no gender world?! — it’s a mad world we live in

8.  Government workers (teachers) vs the press — let’s see how it all turns out. Can the students read?

9.  America collapsing? — one man’s opinion, but stay alert.

10. A simpler life — Elvis, remember him?     — Come back, Elvis, where ever you are… Nice pictures


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  1. The pics of Elvis are an enjoyable change from all the horrible things occurring in many places. Had not seen most of them but remember those times.

  2. That most certainly is a round up Panama!
    1: Stoned, or just stupid?
    2: I failed basic record keeping at Oceanside High as a freshman. But earned degrees in business… What’s up with this boss?
    3: Umm..? Blame it on Bush! Yeah that’s it! Blame it on Bush!
    4: And why not the private sector? Oh yeah, the government always do things better, and with exemplary efficiency! See number 1.
    5: I just spent three days and four nights in Laredo. A scant few miles from the border. The distinct sound of grenades and AK 47’s has not changed one iota since the early seventies. How’s that gun control working out for you El Presidente? Mishaps the peasants should be armed vato?
    6: Umm? And there are people at Star Con’s that really believ that they are Romulin’s, and Vulcan’s, and…
    7: This is news? Sure as hell isn’t thought or logic. See number 1 please.
    8: Depends on the student. Sure, I could be a smart alek, and say sure if they went to parochial school and so on. There are a few good basic public school teaches out there…
    9: DUH!
    10: Take a kid fishing or hunting for God’s sakes!

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