Potpourri Pan America: headline news – better to practice the golf swing than religion… And more…


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1.  Obama interested in “convincing” Americans he plays golf, not that he’s a practicing Christian — seems like it…

2.  Hugo Chavez’s Socialism not helpful to the poor — but facts don’t bother him…

3.  “Los Zetas” in Los Angeles! — but legalizing drugs will help?

4.  Does “this” have an effect on Democratic Party calculations? — seems like it…

5.  It’s worth reviewing — How are things in Venezuela, how are thing turning out??

6.  Even Paul has said unemployment might be higher in 2 years — but the president is not mentioned?



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  1. Paul Krugman has lost most of his credibility with his blatant partisanship toward the Socialist Left. His latest fawning indictment of Conservative economic principles ignores the more than $1 trillion being thrown out by Obama and his cronies, ostensibly to help create jobs but in actuality simply bribes intended to insure the loyalty of his voter base.

    If one wants a preview of where the United States is headed, just check out the review of what has happened in Venezuela during the past year under the reign of Hugo Chavez.

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