Potpourri Pan America: Headline news — Commonsense America and Glenn Beck vs the world of the nonsensical?, and more


[Photo from the Washington Post]  Were there only one thousand there? Huh? 



1.  Wait just a minute, why don’t we?! — a certain portion of the news media labeled it “the Beck Rally” and the “Conservative Rally” or the ‘White Rally”…   Why the editorializing? And why the attempt to destroy Beck?

2.  It’s not about being a liberal or a conservative — for some politicians it’s just about putting “free” money in their pocket…  And what’s Rep.  Rangel doing lately?

3.   Kerry (Mass.)and Crist (Florida) have a lot in common — say anything to try to get elected.

4.  Network news in someone’s pocket? — does anyone doubt it?

5.  Blaming the “tea party” again — what’s up in San Antonio, again?!

6.  Obama — Let’s hope the troops did not die in vain…  Pres. Obama alters speech a bit to counter the Saturday rally?


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  1. Glenn Beck, the Tea Party, Rush …… They all scare the hell out of the Libs and therefore the hysterical attacks continue. Plus, the Left is generally bereft of any logical responses because of their insistence on moral relativisim and thus find it hard to deal with principled individuals.

  2. Politics as usual..? This all makes me wonder just how twisted things have become.

    Political correctness on steroids!

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