Person of the Week: Karel De Gucht

[Photo from Wall Street Journal]


  In commenting on the recent push to get Israel and the Palestinians to reach an agreement on a Palestinian state, current European Union Trade Minister/former Belgian Foreign Minister De Gucht indicated that in any discussions, the Jews seem to think they are always right, and so suggested that past failures to reach agreements  with the Palestinians were essentially the fault of the state of Israel, and that the future of negotiations would result in failures because of the intransigence(?!) of Israel…

Europeans in general — and some significantly important Americans — seem to think that if Israel and the world capitulate to Arab demands (here and there and else where), Israel in particular and the world in general will be eternally safe

The Belgian fellow and his cohorts (as well as some Americans) seem to follow in the steps of their European ancestors who believed that by appeasing  Hitler and his Nazi minions, the world forever more would be a more peaceful and harmonious place…



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  1. Europe, with its history of centuries of warfare between its closely-packed nation-states, has adopted a system of appeasement during the past half-century and therefore cannot be depended upon to mount any serious resistance to aggression or be moved to denounce dictatorships throughout the rest of the world.

    The idea that Israel alone is responsible for the turmoil in the Middle East is ridiculous in the extreme considering the constant attacks generated by Hamas and other terrorist organizations against Israeli citizens.

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