Potpourri Pan America: Headline news — Pres. Obama still playing more politics with the “stimulus”, and Castro and Sharpton need to save face?


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1.  Castro seeks lifting of sanctions? — The man wants to save face,  at the end of his life, after causing so much pain?!

2.  No Jewish state say the Palestinians?   — who is fooling whom?

3.  No combat roles? — troops still in battle, another example.

4.  More stimulus monies wanted, in order to gain votes in November? — surely seems that way… 

5.  Just trying to defend his castle — but, no-o-o-o-ooooooooooo…  What ought to be up is now down?

6.  Al Sharpton a deadbeat? — who pays for his suits and travels to Arizona?


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  1. It certainly has been a trend for sometime, as you indicate, Maine, that the law-abiders are continually taken for granted…

  2. In regard to #5 …… Odds of 25 to 1 would certainly be enough motivation for me to issue a few warning shots, let alone the threats against my family. Then again, the criminal element always has more rights than the law-abiding citizen.

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