Potpourri Pan America: from Castro and Obama to Evo and Bloomberg, and more


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1.  Bloomberg financial news expands in the Middle East    — are personal financial reasons some of the reasons why Michael Bloomberg has been so argumentative about having the mosque built in the area of “ground zero”?…

2.  Cuban gov’t laments that Pres. Obama has not yet closed Gitmo — in Spanish — if one reads between the lines in continual comments here and there, it seems the Obama Administration and Communist Cuba are speaking behind the scenes in order to open up relations.

3.  Administration plays with words? — combat troops still in country doing dangerous work.

4.  Regardless of what is said, the Border is not secure  — and the power of the drug cartels continues to expand this side of the border.

5.  Evo in Bolivia continuous assault on freedom of expression and of the press — if anyone in the news media says something the government decrees is racist, that news organization and those reporting can be jailed.


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  1. Hey my Spanish isn’t what it used to be. Well actually it is. Is the Cuba piece about closing Gitmo as in the prison or the bigger picture about how we’re still occupying his land,not paying rent but still employing Cubans who take greenbacks into the economy??
    I’m guessing the latter.

  2. Bloomberg needs to go period. Castro and obama? Who would have thought..? The impostor in chief declares victory, and the troops are still there doing the same things that they were doing before… Border security, what border security? Appears that Bolivia is going down the same road that all socialist’s nations have.

  3. Nice information on hizzonor, the Mayor (and businessman). Another politician who needs to be retired as soon as possible.

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