Reggie Bush, selfish to the rotten core

[Photo from L.A. Times]

Reggie Bush

Reggie Bush, never a true Heisman, but should America care?  Reggie Bush, selfish to the rotten core


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  1. It would be nice if more of Reggie Bush’s coaches would speak up about him, as Sarkisian (now of the University of Washington) did — but ought to also speak about their own shortcomings in the fiasco…

  2. The man is as you say selfish. The players at his old college suffer from his bad selfish decisions but he continues to make money.

  3. Perhaps it is enough that justice has finally been served (in a way). Expecting ethical behavior and role model behavior from a product of a professional sports farm team is unreasonable, no?

    Corruption is becoming a trademark in this society, at so many levels.

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