A laundry list: politically wishy washy?

On the road this weekend…  Just read, among several things,  that “Obama seeks to curb ruling on gays in the military”…  Whether this or that, in domestic matters or international ones, President Obama seems to be too much at the whim of his advisors and buffeted by the winds of political polls…  He says whatever he believes will help him politically overall…  Does not seem to lead from principled positions…

Among some here and throughout the world, it seems his leadership deficiencies have brought significant numbers of  people to think that America is in decline — and of course that perception is not welcomed nor desired… 

Elections in November ought to be a good gauge of how involved and unhappy/happy Americans are with the current political and practical  messes emanating from the White House…  Unless they “stay home” on election day…


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  1. To me the president is influenced by his advisors too much. He reads what Americans think but instead of listening to them he tries to attack to change what people think because his people tell him that is the best thing to do.

    • I suspect that the president and his advisers all depend upon the same playbook and Obama basks in the adoration his sycophants bestow. No question, though, that he ignores the clear preferences of the majority of the public and that may prove his eventual undoing.

  2. Maine nailed it, as usual!

  3. I truly hope that Americans are not going to stay home on Election Day and squander their right to influence the course that America takes in world matters. We have way too many problems for the voters to sit this election out..

    I would argue that Obama does have goals towards which he attempts to move America – unfortunately, those goals are not ones that made our country into the world leader that is now in decline thanks to this administration.

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