Person of the week: John Boehner

 John Boehner

Reportedly the New York TIMES  (with likely support/encouragement  from the Obama White House) is preparing a (hit piece?) story about the Congressional Republican leader — to influence the November elections by helping  the Democratic Party… The dirty tricks releasing of such a story so close to the elections will help President Obama’s agenda and his Democratic Party supporters….  Reminds a bit of the hit piece by Dan Rather on Bush so close to the presidential election awhile back…


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  1. I agree almost completely with both comments. I think it is more open now that news people favor some politicians, but they do not influence most people.

  2. The “Times” is now infamous for the delivery of “bad news” – in every sense of the words. Politics as usual, indeed. I do get a sense that the public is becoming alienated by these tactics, to some degree (or perhaps that is wishful thinking on my part), One thing for sure …. our current president has contributed greatly to political negativity.

  3. The dirty tricks so close to an election really are nothing new. It’s hardball politics. What seems to be new though, is that people are actually listening to the garbage…

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