Potpourri Pan America: “Buck up”, the president says, to whom? And more…


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West Bank & Gaza Map 2007 (Settlements).png

1.  President Obama wants his supporters to “buck up”                      —  but he himself continually fails to “buck up” to his failures.

2.  And you thought picking up the tab for your mother-in-law’s family was expensive  — how ’bout them apples.

3.  Obama pushes Israel to compromise with the Palestinians without understanding the risks and politics of the Israelis  —  President Obama pushes to get prompt results so as to campaign on his “successes”, regardless of the cost to Israel?…

4.  For all practical purposes, capital executions in California do not exist — whether at the local, state or federal level, California opposes capital punishment?

5.  Things don’t get better — Poor Mexico : still some try to do good and pay with their lives…

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  1. Once again, it is the fault of everyone else and Obama’s leadership failure is simply because so many are not willing to accept his obviously superior solutions. America is being ruled by a peevish twelve year old.

    Mexico has labored under many revolutions, but its current difficulties are the result of an open invasion by international drug cartels and the total corruption of its legal system through bribery by the drug lords. Mexico is in a war, but apparently is unwilling to take off the handcuffs and gloves and directly confront the threat.

  2. 1: The obama regime, is an epic failure.

    2: Dinner for two? Tradition! La Chaiam!

    3: See #1.

    4: Did Brown’s victim get an appeal?

    5: Mexico, will never get better until the people rise up, and overthrow both the government and the cartels… How’s that gun control working out El Presidente?

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