Pres. Obama re Afghanistan operations: “… I can’t let this be a war without end, and I can’t lose the whole Democratic Party…”?

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Have not read the latest Woodward book but have read excerpts and heard him interviewed… Brings to mind: on the subject of Americans losing lives there, military families broken apart because their military members are repeatedly deployed overseas and the American military of all branches ( but especially the Army and Marines) being in a state of constant super stress and  institutional fatigue, the president is quoted as saying,  … ” I can’t let this be a war without end, and I can’t lose the whole Democratic Party.”…       

Under specific circumstances, if that is the way the president sees things, not one more American troop ought to die there…  He ought to tell everyone to pack up and come home and let the American people know he is doing that, today…  He has wasted time … He ought not play politics with the nations armed forces and he ought to be honest with the American people…  If his decisions are based on sound logic, he can have a clear conscience…  Whether the American public will see him as a failure will be left to history

But what he seems to be doing is playing politics so as to be seen as having won America’s war in Afghanistan, while not directly saying so…  Additionally, he apparently complains that the military only gave him one option, but what is more likely the case is that he tried to use the military brass to present him with several options that would give him cover so that if the Afghan campaign failed, he could blame the military options… 

Moreover, with the limitations the president placed on the military with the openly scheduled pull out dates and the increased American objectives he created, while providing insufficient boots on the ground,  the military apparently could muster only one option (with caveats) that might bear fruit, but even that one President Obama slashed and then took months before he gave the go-ahead on the plan…

The military gave him an option, but also made it quite clear, privately and publicly, that there would be no fast quick fixes, that success would have to be a longer term commitment… The president didn’t like to hear that…

It seems the president wanted the military brass to give him a plan in which they would say the war could be won in 6 months, with a relatively few thousand troops,  or  a plan that would guarantee that in 6 months the Afghan national civilian government would be in complete control of the countryside…

Preposterous…  Preposterous because he was asking the military to do the impossible and because he wanted to have them be the scapegoats for his failure to understand the real problem, while he was  mainly concerned with his political future …  Absurd…

 Tankers burn  and Tankers burn some more , cutting supply lines to Afghanistan, while al-Sadr regains stature in Iraq — the best that can be said is that the president is sadly lacking….

[In previous posts this administrator has written about the possibility of a well run fair military draft being instituted and about current shortcomings in Iraq and Afghanistan by the present Administration.  Of course the problem is complex, and no attempt to simplify it is being made here — only to suggest the weaknesses shown by the White House]


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  1. Excellent point, Patrick. It is the nature of so many of the political class, no matter what their party. In the current Congress, only 122 have served in the military. Hopefully that number will increase after November. Also compare the number of ex-military with the total of 225 Congressional members who have a law degree. Hmmmmmm.

  2. I just want our soldiers back if there is so much politics involved and the president is only thinking about his Democrats

  3. Maine said it best. In all fairness though, this is not the first POTUS to use the military for personal political gain. Nor does that make such actions any more palatable.

  4. It is completely obvious that the President’s only concern is his own political well-being, not the welfare of America nor the fine military people who are tasked with defending our country and carrying out assigned duties. No better example of a craven politician is to be found these days.

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