Potpourri Pan America: Life in America, and for America around the world, is not as it ought to be, and more


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    Kabul Explosion

1.  Anybody keeping up with South America/ — Hugo keeps doing his thing while things meander elsewhere.

2. Does anybody notice the Taliban? — Does anybody care, or is it all just politics?

3.  Black Americans still support the President    —    other  segments not so much…  But the political machine is still there, churning…

4.  Middle East policy is in chaos? — who is in  charge of the American federales?

5.  Business leaders not happy campers  — come on, government leaders, do your jobs on the economy or leave in November, if not before.

6.  America, for sale-on-the-cheap     —  is this the change for which people voted?

7.  What’s with peace activists only being critical of Israel?       —  while Europe trembles before Middle Eastern  terrorists?  Or is that the reason?!

8.  Haute couture — say what?

Photo from The Smoking Gun

saggy pants


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  1. Attempting to combat a recession by the government and its affiliates by “injecting money into the economy” was a dismal failure under FDR and in foreign countries over the past decades and there is no reason to expect it to succeed now – or do we continue to ignore history?

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