Person of the Week Newt Gingrich — Demos: the Party of Food Stamps / Repubs: the Party of Paychecks

Although the writer is not necessarily a proponent of Newt Gingrich, he is selected the Person of the Week for proposing that the Demos are the “Party of Food Stamps” and the Repubs the “Party of Paychecks”…  Catchy, and so in the “world of sound bites” the phrase communicates concisely and memorably the choices he sees between the two political parties — during the current political campaign…


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  1. I don’t write very often but i read this as much as I can. I like the slogan that he came up with. Who knows, it could get him more publicity because I think he wants to be president.

  2. That is a good line, indeed. Hard to argue against fact, so wait for the smears to arrive.

  3. That might fit onto a bumper sticker!

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