Potpourri Pan America: from NFL hypocrisy to Greedy Soros crying in his currency and Gory Vidal still being angry, and more


[photo from Sports Illustrated]

1.  Hypocritical NFL hires swim model as its spokesperson  —  the NFL “Big Brother”,  purportedly investigating and arguing against the exploitation of women by men, uses the demurely dressed swim suit model solely for her intellectual abilities?!…  Yeah, right! 

2.  Hugo Chavez supports China  —  whatever one’s view is of the Nobel Peace Prize, these shenanigans further show whose side Hugo is on…

3.  Israel defends itself against a full court press     —  Mahmoud Abbas has said that the Arabs will never accept Israel as a Jewish state — knowing Israel is being pressed to appease them, Israel says, “wait a minute”…

4.  Black Republicans present a good argument    —  against the supporters of Obama who blame racism for the political opposition the president receives…   Yes, being a Black Republican is nothing new   — a glimpse of Condi

5.  TIME magazine critiques Obama    —   sort of… 

6.   Greedy Soros only “bets” on politicians he can control?  —   so he more or else is not throwing his money to the Demos this time because he fears an opposing landslide…

7.  Gore Vidal, still a flamethrower?        —  Gory Vidal: still angrily playing the role of a pseudo deep thinker…


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  1. One has to give Soros credit for being a canny investor, no matter what you think of his politics, so I guess the outlook for Democrats this specific election is not particularly encouraging. I am still baffled as to how Soros can pump hundreds of millions of dollars into elections with no objections from the media and yet Obama can level unproven and utterly scurrilous charges of illicit political funding against the U.S. Chamber of Commerce with little or no media condemnation.

  2. Excellent points, all of them. Gore Vidal a deep thinker?


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