Another example of the present Administration not managing well the nation’s interests in Latin America

[photo from Reuters]

It is great that the American government,  American press and public  has spent an extraordinary amount of time paying attention to the averted human disaster in the Chilean copper mine, but politically and militarily, is anyone doing a good job of controlling  U.S.  strategic interests in our international backyard?  This topic or variations of it have continually been written about on this page…  Hugo Chavez and others in the Latin American region have been cozying up to Russia and China and there appears to be very little managing of the problem  from the American government.

People are asleep-at-the-wheel and few seem to notice…   Just sayin’…

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  1. South and Central America have been the target for the international Marxists for decades. Up until the last election, the U.S. has provided massive amounts of materials, money, and personnel in attempts to counter this invasion and was meeting with some success at containment. Unfortunately, our leadership is now in sympathy with Marxist movements of all kinds (both internal and worldwide) and the invaders are taking quick advantage of the incompetence displayed in our revamped foreign policies. Look for a continued decline in democracy at any levels in the southern hemisphere until the commitment to influence the opportunities for freedom there is reinstated.

  2. No one cares about the problems in the Southern countries so Russia and others can move right in.

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