Potpourri Pan America: Bring the troops home? Vote suppression or sending a valid message? And More


[photo from CBCNews]

A burning car is seen Saturday near the main gate of NATO's headquarters in Afghanistan's capital, Kabul.

1.  A Latino pays for a politica ad asking Latinos not to vote in the Nevada election — to send a message to the Demos that they ought not be “pimped”     — a kind of dirty trick vote suppression, or a legitimate way to send a political message to the Demos?

2. Courts continue to legislate  — regardless of the topic, does anyone care of actions of the Courts?

3.  Football refs and coaches work for the advertisers?     —   who really calls the shots?

4.  Is it a Demo scam?     — Pelosi will not run for Speaker even if Demos maintain control?

5.  Grayson — king of negativity — complains about the same?   — some politicians have no shame and treat voters as stupid lugs?

6.  Bring the troops home now — Obama is just posturing?  — not another American ought to die over there the way the Commander-in-Chief mismanages things.

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  1. Yes, don’t let the military die in vain if Obama just wants to get out.

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