Obama was elected president, not omnipotent potentate

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The president is hitting the campaign trail, in a frenetic attempt to reverse the voter Tsunami he seems to fear is headed toward his Party in November…

But he does not seem to have learned much about America in the time he has been in office — he alludes to those who have legitimate concerns about his policies and his management style as base, ignorant, fearful people, seemingly thinking that they are not as intelligent nor as sophisticated as he… Rather than inspire, he denigrates, a la Jimmy Carter…

 He does not understand a significant part of America, and rather than try to understand those people, he lashes out at them in a  divisive manner, attempting to demean them.. . 

His slogans during his presidential campaign of unifying the country and of being a different kind  of politician were apparently ploys, and although he does represent real change, the change he has wrought is that coming from  the worse kind of politicians, not of the uplifting kind that some believed he would be… 

And when segments of the electorate complain, rather than engaging in worthwhile introspection he attacks the voters he is supposed to represent because they are not in lockstep with him…

He was elected President of the United States of America, not omnipotent potentate.


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  1. Very good analysis. The obama has gone off the deep end, and soon he will reap the benefits of his ways.

  2. I read this blog off and on and it can get me p.oed because of the continuous attacks by some of you on the president but I agree that he has used certain words and done certain things that have divided the country more. Maybe if the house or senate go republican President Obama will become more understanding and a better leader.

    • Thank you for stopping by and for being open to a different perspective.

    • That is an interesting idea and we can but hope that the upcoming elections may influence the President’s policies. If so, too bad it took so long.

  3. You hit-the-nail-on-the-head, again…. He began with significant promise, but personal hubris led him down the disruptive and polarizing path in which he finds himself.

  4. Excellent evaluation (love the costume!). What we have is a small, mean, bitter, grossly unqualified case of arrested development floundering in waters far over his head. And the world knows it.

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