Person of the week: French President Sarkozy

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President Sarkozy:  for showing the political will to lead the fight to block the tide in his own country of historically bad public policies that are ruining the economies of countless countries of the world because of bad fiscal policies in place…  Governmental reforms of unfunded pension systems and of retirement ages, as well as of other economic policies are inevitable if future generations are to live fruitful lives in all countries of the world…  The changes will not be painless and will face tremendous pushback from effected segments of society,  but are necessary…   America take notice…


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  1. In the mean time the powers that be will say that they (The Europeans) just didn’t do it quite right, and send us all spinning into their idea of utopia.

  2. Much like Maine states. It is quite a surprise that the Euros get the idea of austerity and responsible govt. It is equally funny how America Euro wannabes like John Kerry and Obama are never to be heard uttering a positive about the UK,Ireland,France,and Germany moves to cut,save and perservere.

  3. Very telling, that the social democracies of Europe are finally awakening to their societal peril just as America’s headlong gallop toward disaster is in full swing. I hope that we can ditch the ideologues before it is too late.

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