Potpourri Pan America: What is wrong with the word “creator”, has President Obama “lost” Afghanistan, and more


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1.  What does does President Obama have against “our Creator”? — he seems to have some strange ideas…

2.  Real Clear Politics:  what’s the latest? — there will be significant changes, if those who are upset with the status quo, vote in large numbers…

3.  Marco Rubio — eloquent and decisive? — maybe even with CRIST in the race, RUBIO will be heading to the Senate…

4.  Is anyone at the White House keeping an eye on Iran? —  It’s all over the place, including in America’s backyard in Latin America, but no one seems to notice…

5.  What is the Obama policy against “leaks” and how serious is the Administration about it? — maybe not too serious?

6.  Iran (oops), there is that name again, and Venezuela, at it again…


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  1. I have read that Venezuela has been taking over several American companies and probably is not paying enough for taking them over, but the American government does not say much about it and the news people do not make much of the problem. I agree that no one in our government is paying much attention.

  2. Practically all administrations have encouraged “leaks” – as long as it is to their advantage. The elections next week offer a tremendous opportunity to reverse the destructive course imposed upon us, but will we take advantage of the chance?

    • That is the important question… How many who are upset with the current course will just remain upset and inactive when a crucial period is upon everyone.

  3. Nice round up Pan Am.

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