Person of the Week: Kendrick Meek

 [Photo from The Epoch Times]

For being a pretty good symbol ( another poster figure) of how easily human beings can become expendable in the eyes of narcissistic others who want to get their way by hook or by crook —  narcissists  Bill Clinton, Charlie Crist and Barack Obama come to mind…


6 Responses

  1. Good points.

  2. You all could do as Jon Stewartz wants us all to be. Be nice to the president.You argue very negative against him.

  3. Mr. Meek is obviously not enjoying the view from under the bus. At least he does not have to depend upon Obama to provide cover for his back. Hopefully Rubio can make the grade and prevent the travesty of Crist becoming a Senator.

  4. Mr. Meek came close to agreeing to drop out so he was not so clean. But he did the right thing and shows he does have some goodness.

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