Potpourri Pan America: from massacres in Iraq to President Obama calling some Americans his enemies, to ceding sovereignty to the U.N.(?), and more


[From the TELEGRAPH — The pope condemns the attack on the Christian community.]

The Pope has condemned Sunday's al-Qaeda attack on one of Baghdad's largest Catholic churches, in which scores of worshippers were killed after being caught in the middle of a shoot-out with security forces.

1.  Say it aint so, Hugo now wants to do away with golf courses?! — now that’s really going too far…

2.  Obama declares Americans his enemies? — is this the change he has been talking about?!  No thank you…

3.  “ABC News” does not want people to hear conservative views?  — election day and night coverage to stifle non liberal analysts? Let’s see how that plays out, but their credibility has already been hurt…

4.  See, more massacres in Iraq due to President Obama’s failures  ?– how many are noticing and how many care?

5.  President Obama misled America of how a unifier he would be? —  he misinterpreted why he received the votes to become president, and it seems his Party will pay at the ballot box…

6.  Mass liberal media favored the Stewart Rally over the Beck one? — certainly looked like it — attendance numbers were inflated whereas for Beck, deflated

7.  The U.S.A. to allow the U.N. to judge and tell America how it violates “Human Rights”?   — beginning to give away American sovereignty? More change coming?


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  1. Hope your candidates did well in your state… In mine our governor and senator did not go our way…

    • As I told Maine, the nation fared far better than the People’s Revolutionary Republic of California. We voted down legalization of marijuana, but elected a pot head to the Governor’s office. We are more broke per capita than any state in the union, but re-elected Barbara (spend now pay later) Boxer. The ship of state is sinking in California and its entitlement drunk citizenry is busy drilling more holes in the hull. I am very happy for our nation, but very sad for my state.

  2. I would offer more comment here, but the headlines you have chosen pretty much say it all.

    Great stuff as usual.


  3. Obama has gone out of his way to suck up to the despots of the world and those who pose danger to our nation, but when it comes time to identify enemies he spotlights our own citizens!

  4. Great round up as always PanAm.

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