Person of the Week: Pres. Obama

[Photo from the American Thinker Blog: Pres. Obama bowing deeply to the Saudi King]

[Phobowing down to Islamist monarch

Person of the Week:  for in less than 2 years squandering the political goodwill he amassed among some during the presidential campaign,  uniting the fractured Republican Party into a force once again, and for spotlighting his ideological haughtiness in attempting to change what America is, as well as for his  failure to respect the rights of the political minority in the country in such an extreme fashion that he gave rise to the grassroots TEA PARTY — which seemingly has begun to derail his political ideological agenda. 

And, finally, because he seems still to be unable to accept the negative role he has played in the debacle….


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  1. At least the oceans are receding…

  2. To be fair, Obama did insist that if he were elected he would bring about unity …… although I don’t think that these election results were what he had in mind.

  3. Well stated PanAm, well stated indeed.

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