Potpourri Pan America: from waterboarding to Security Council, from turbans to Bernanke, and more

George W. Bush at his office in Dallas

Ponder this:

1.  Bush — Waterboarding to save lives?   In a nanosecond… 

2.  Bernanke — Has the gov’t learned anything about the financial mess yet

3.  Don’t frisk our turbans, Mr. President — but does Napolitano keep on frisking people’s private parts?…  By the way, reportedly the Secretary of Homeland Security refused to use herself to demonstrate the body scan machines

4.  Good move on supporting India to the Security Council ? — with Russia and China renewing and enhancing their  cooperativeness, makes sense that economically growing  power house India ( though geographically-militarily-politically isolated) would make a good partner for the U.S.A.,?

5.  Illinois to drag it’s heels in certifying the election of Republican U.S. Senator? — Mr. President, say it ain’t so — tell your friends in Chicago to let-the-senator-go, now…

6.  Subpoena this, you say? — let’s get ready to rum———–  ble-e-e

7.  American terrorist freed in Peru — will she be on Oprah, and who all will fawn over her?


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  1. Hey, look on the bright side…
    Massive inflation will help to right-size bloated government salaries….right?

  2. Help revive who? I don’t think anyone is trying to revive anyone. Also, the other person is right about Obama not knowing much economy and will be painful on the public.

  3. You’re trying to help revive him

  4. The Fed’s intervention, resulting in a weakening of the dollar, is already having an impact. The price of gas is steadily rising, as is the cost of food and other commodities. This is scarcely the time to be forcing inflation upon the struggling economy, just as it is not time to be raising taxes. Nonetheless, the Obama administration is once more showing its ineptitude and the pain will increase for the American public as a result.

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