Person of the Week: Governor Chris Christie

[Photo from the NY Daily News]

N.J. Gov. Chris Christie just finished a 15-state, 20,000-mile tour on behalf of Republican candidates.

Governor Christie, because of the practical financial effect he has had in New Jersey and for the symbolic and practical role he played in the recent midterm national elections.

He is not a dashing stereotypical politician, nor the kind who typically parses words or nuances answers so as to appear to be all things to all people, thereby setting the landscape so that he might walk-back comments he makes for which he shortly could find it expedient to disavow.

He simply wants government to cut spending and live within its means, as the political mantra has gone for years — but what appears to be different in the short stint as governor of his dysfunctional state is that he has actually sought to reduce the size of government, regardless of the push-back and blow-back from powerfully entrenched and vested interests there… 

Of course no one currently knows what long-lasting political success might come his way, if any, but his imprint is particularly noteworthy at this stage…


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  1. Chris Christie is indeed in the spotlight. It will take some time before his effectiveness can be truly evaluated, but I like his ideas and sense of fiscal responsibility. If he can manage to get New Jersey’s finances under control it will be a great plug for conservatism.

  2. I admire his bluntness. He is to the point, plain spoken, and…even more impressively…right!

    I am not sure he has Presidential potential, but this is exactly the type of person we need in that office.

  3. This will be interesting to be sure. Short term it appears to be having a positive effect, his policies that is.

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