Potpourri Pan America: from Obama’s redistribution of wealth ideology, to Iran meddling in Latin America; and to laying the groundwork for Election 2012?, and more…


1.  “The drug war at our doorstep”  — Video/news article about the problems in Mexico…  If not at the doorstep, at least at the next door neighbor’s.

2..  American Neighbor, Guatemala, another failed state: anybody watching? — any government department checking this out?

3.    Waivers upon waivers by the U.S. Department of health and Human Services   — anybody you know cheering the Healthcare Law?!  Was this just another attempt at Redistribution of Wealth?

4.  Janet Napolitano didn’t even want to demonstrate the scanner — on herself, because it violated her privacy?  Is the TSA really handling security in the best possible manner?

5.  Smuggling tunnels, not in the Middle East, in Southern California ! — keep your eye on the ground… and on the air and all around…

6.  Iran, Venezuela and Nicaragua building a new trans isthmus canal? — has anyone noticed and are Costa Rican rights being protected?

7.    Dream Act in New England?  — will this Bill pass in the lame duck Congress as Pelosi and Obama have  indicated they desire?…  Is this just another attempt to expand and solidify Democratic support among Latinos, heading to the 2012 elections?

8.  From the time Pres. Obama took office, have our troops been dying in vain? — who is speaking up for them?  Just askin’…


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  1. The very first step in the immigration debates should be to seal the border and stop the flow of illegals. Once this is accomplished, then programs to deal with a static population of illegals could be considered.

    Maine has perhaps the most generous welfare program in the U.S., with absolutely no residency requirements to qualify and no time limitation on the provision of benefits – no less than suicidal for a state with a population of only 1.3 million , one of the highest average ages per capita, and one of the lowest average incomes.

    Green card holders can already gain citizenship by joining the military. But using a “high school education” to qualify? I would rather see qualifications such as a solid employment record and no jail time.

  2. Excellent round up PanAm.

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