Potpourri Pan American: From Socialist Hugo talking to Pres. Obama, to Freedom of the Press… and to the Pope and condoms; and more

 Africa welcomes popes comments on condoms

[Photo from yahoo news…  “Africa welcomes pope’s comments on condoms”.]

Ponder this:

1.  Chavez: let’s eat “socialist arepas”, together, Obama  — you, know, eating Venezuelan corn patty tortillas:  Hugo wants President Obama to “come out” as the socialist the Venezuelan strongman believes he is…

2.  Who are the Federales? Who are the Taliban?  — Is the NATO “A team” running the show in Afghanistan or the “Three Stooges”?  Help!, the troopies deserve better…

3.  No wonder Pres. Obama has begun already, campaigning for 2012  —  economy 2011 looks bleak?

4.     Muslim chutzpah or something else?   — hey, they say, gotta build the Mosque with “911 grant monies”

5.  Ignorant or anti Americans: X Pres. Carter and Sen. Rockefeller —  or both…  What about Freedom of the Press?  You previously have read aboui the senator wishing he could ban news outlets, right?

6.  Hillary Clinton: don’t frisk me , nor scan me  —  that’s what Janet Napolitano says, too ( or as Mark Steyn calls her: Janet Incompelitano).

7.  Now,… ah,…ah,  you can use condoms  —  what about those already in hell for previously   using them without permission?… Just kiddin’…

8. History repeats itself   —  wrote about it here on May 26 and June 2, 2010, and  now the North Koreans strike again…

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