Person of the Week: Barbara Bush

George H. W. Bush, Barbara Bush

Barbara Bush — wife of 41st U.S. President George Herbert Walker Bush(pretty “Blue Blood” sounding name!) — Person of the Week:  for whatever it’s worth ( or not), firing the first volley on behalf of the Republican Party old guard against the perceived head of the Tea Party Movement

When recently this Barb stated matter-of-factly something to the effect that Sarah Palin was quite pretty and that she “ought to stay in Alaska”  , she seemed to be indicating  from deep within herself and the “old Guard”,   just as Palin counter punched, that certain ol’ politicos of the Grand Old Party were not too happy with the influences of upstart Tea Partyers… How dare the hoi polloi become involved in the Republican Party democratic process?…

Mrs. Bush might also,  as others have suggested, be trying to clear the field for her other son, if Jeb might later on decide to run for president.

Additionally, it is interesting that while George  W. Bush has chosen not to critique the Democratic President, his mother is not averse to taking pot shots at  fellow Republican Palin…

As indicated on this page once or twice before, would not be surprising if in vying to keep control of the Party, some ol’  insider Republican movers and shakers  might wind up unintentionally creating a circular firing squad, with a female “Blue Blood” firing the first volley…


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  1. Agree completely with Patrick. HM has blogged about this several times. Palin could end up being worse for the new conservative movement than McCain was for the GOP. She could fracture the party and guarantee a Dem win in 12.

    We need to start noting her for what she is – an opportunistic, book writing, uninspired, media hound. The sooner we get her off of the political stage the better.


  2. Good, some of you are stirring up fighting with the tea party people.

  3. I echo Patricks position. I also would add that I thinka majority of Republicans and conservative leaning indies are in favor of a unified GOP.

  4. Idon’t think Mrs Palin will run for president. She’s out to make money for herself and family.

    • Whether she is just out to make money or not (just like Bill Clinton and others), I agree that Sarah Palin will probably not run for president — she has stated more or less just that, that she will NOT run if there are suitable Republican candidates… And it seems there are a bevy of qualified potential candidates who have shown an interest in running…
      Also, what would be advisable is that rather than taking public pot shots at her from afar via the news media, Republican Party stalwarts ought to work to embed her into the sanctums of the Party, with due understanding of how she can help the establishment Party because like it or not, significant numbers of the monolithic and diverse Tea Party Movement view her favorably…

  5. I’m no fan of the Country Club Blue Bloods, but she nailed it this time. Most in the TEA Party movement don’t care for the media whore antics of Palin, and Presidential material she is not.

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