Wikileak “this” — who in the U.S. Government “will pay” for allowing the breach to occur?

How in the name of national security was it possible, reportedly,  for anyone to have the freedom to pilfer  electronically  hundreds of thousands of sensitive communiques and forward them to Wikileaks?…  Who was minding the store ?, and though of course the low ranking enlisted fellow has to be prosecuted,  heads of higher-ups will have to roll…  This is major damage that will be felt for years in so many ways…  Henceforth, is anyone going to trust speaking with our government officials?..  Whose head(s) will roll?..


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  1. And so far they have a PFC, that was arrested months ago…

  2. If all of this havoc has been wrought by some peon at the base of the totem pole, can you imagine what mountains of information have been compiled by the real pros (e.g, the Chinese, the Russians et al)?

    What has all of the government types in a tizzy is that this “privileged” information is now available to the world at large and it will clarify just what monumental screwups they all can be.

    I find it amazing that no one has “capped” this jerkoff who runs Wikileaks. A few decades ago, he would have met with a fatal accident within days of his first document dump.

    • You’re on point on several levels, for sure, Maine… (commentary on “privileged”, etc., is particularly interesting).. It’s a pathetic mess…

      And as others have said,will only the low ranking be disciplined and suffer consequences…

  3. I don’t believe anyone will get even symbolically swatted in this matter and thats really driving me crazy.
    My perception this is driven by no more than a handful of loners,can you imagine what some real organized hacking cyber types could get to?

  4. They will put the blame on some Private…

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