Potpourri Pan America: from Hillary Clinton living the “vida loca” as a super spy to super mouth Palin, from Evo Morales lecturing the U.S.A. to driving Mrs. Bush, Dynasty, and more

Bolivia's President Evo Morales is seen at the presidential residence in La Paz November 26, 2010. Morales hopes to attend the Cancun climate-change Summit in Mexico next week. Morales is healing from a surgery on his left knee.

[Photo from Reuters]


1.  Lecturing the U.S.A. by Evo — as has been mentioned before herein,  is anyone in the U.S. government minding-the-store in South America,… while among others, Bolivian coca leaves farmer President Evo Morales is in perpetual  motion railing against the U.S.A…

2.  Clinton has been in over her head from the beginning?     —  surely seems like it from day one…  Maybe sometime soon she will recede from public life for the public good?

3.  Shall we cry for Argentina or someone else?  —   Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, is she running  the Department of State diplomatic corp or living the “vida loca” of a super sleuth international spy?

4.  Now it is confirmed, momma Bush was fronting for Jeb? — and of course papa Bush knows what the  Tea Party group is all about,  and about pushing his other son forward… 

5.  School crossing guard positions, dangerous occupation?  — only in L.A or everywhere?!  Hey,  I thought being a coal miner was supposed to be more dangerous than being a crossing guard…  Am I wrong or am I wrong…

6.  Palin speaks up about the Wikileak mess  — whether people like her or not, and whether she always makes sense or not, she is not afraid to speak up and be held accountable for her views, contrary to many (men?) in the public eye who squirm and look down when the going seems to be getting tough…  [Because of her propensity for voicing her true opinions, she will  probably not run for President ( and in several ways can be a real asset to her Party?)…]

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