Person of the Week: Rep.Luís Gutiérrez (D.-ILL.),Dream Act activist

Getting to know him:


For some time Rep. Gutierrez has adopted the Dream Act    as his cause celebre and to draw attention to it even has been arrested during  civil disobedience demonstrations, including at the White House    . 

The Bill’s aim originally was to make it possible for some immigrant young people to become legal residents of the U.S.A. — the idea proposed was that because although  they as children had no choice in getting here illegally, they had grown up here and knew no other home… But after various revisions who some say have run far afield of the original intent of the Bill, it does not appear  to have the votes to pass in the lame duck Congressional session — maybe under any circumstances it never had the votes, and possibly it never will…

But through the efforts of people such as Congressman Gutierrez, the spotlight at the end of year 2010 has been placed upon the Dream Act because he says Senator Reid has promised to have it voted for in the Senate… 

Furthermore, stay tuned because the congressman has indicated that if the Dream Act does not pass this year, next year he will lead a nation-wide civil disobedience campaign to have it passed —  and, that Latinos ought to consider leaving    the Democratic Party since overall Latinos have received short shrift from their traditional party-of-choice…


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  1. Patrick has brought up a very important point. Formenting “civil unrest” is not supposed to be a part of the job description for a Congressman – particularly when he has sworn an oath to uphold and protect the Constitution of the United States. Any elected representative is supposed to represent all of the people in his district, not just a select group.

    Of course Rep. Gutierrez is hardly the only politician to ignore this basic requirement.

  2. Obama and Democratic Party promise them everything and then don’t deliver but latinos keep voting for them.

  3. Isn’t that just great? A Congressman supporting civil unrest.

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