President obama has lost “the center” and parts of “his left” and now he loses his presidency to Bill Clinton?!

Hey, what’s going on, Mr. President?…  Yes, you have taken your lumps for a while now and the November Elections highlighted your failures, but regardless of how disillusioned you might be, you are still the president…  show it …

Rep.  Jim Moran (D-VA), using street gutter language indicates in public that he does not know where you stand on major issues…  In effect, directly in your public face he questions your core values… 

Columnist Peggy Noonan and others have written that politically you have lost the center and parts of the far left.

Editor and columnist Eugene  Robinson suggests that the only way you respond to Republican Party ideas is by calling them names and by trying to insult decent citizens who disagree with you.

And when Ex President Clinton shows up at the White House reportedly to help bail you out, you give up and vamoose…  President Obama , you are the currently elected president, not Clinton…  Optics matter, so though things are heating up in the kitchen (and precisely because they are), you are still the president and Americans of all political persuasions  are expecting you to show stability and confidence,  and need to see who is in charge at the White House… 

Don’t relinquish your post or you will lose the whole political spectrum…



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  1. There have been many “shadow rumors” surrounding Obama’s mental stability which I mostly rejected … until now. This was an amazing – and disturbing – display of inadequacy tinged with petulance.

    What an unsettling picture for America.

  2. Nice round up PanAm. At an absolute minimum Obama allowed for an image of abdication to be created in time forever. Although I think any number of entities will double think if they want to make real hay of this I can think of at least three applications. Not good!

    • Good points, Alfie… Appearances matter, especially at times of uncertainty… But what long term effect might there be from “this” is questionable, as you suggest, though the press conference obviously could have been handled better.

  3. I about fell over when the President left the room… Bill Clinton is no longer the President, period. This makes me have to wonder; does epic fail obama toss the office of the Presidency under the bus as easily as he does associates..?

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