Person of the Week: U.S. Senator Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.)

Regarding the economy and extending the Bush Tax cuts:

While the nation is still in difficult straits heading into the new year and a major outcome of the November Elections was a confirmation that significant numbers of Americans are upset with elected officials (who are seen as wholly partisan and not responsive to the citizenry), the good senator from New York reportedly advised his colleagues, as well as the White House — to continue the extreme Democratic partisanship of the last two years and carry-on the dirty tricks tax fight into year 2011.

“His advice was to fight until February and then cut a deal, so we could score some points against the Republicans,” said a senior administration official, speaking on background. “It just didn’t make sense.”

Person of the Week: Senator Schumer, newest darling of the far left (it has been said) —  Schumer, for being tone-deaf to the results of the last elections and thus helping to continue to draw needed attention to the unabated politics of partisanship  of the Democratic Party?


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  1. Not much to admire about old Chuck, is there, Patrick? Still, he is useful to keep around to remind us of just how destructive to the nation’s welfare the Far Left can be. He and Pelosi (the West Coast bookend) are the basic components for the new “axis of evil” that will birthed when the new Congress takes office.

    I’m afraid that barring any fortuitous accident, Mr. Schumer will be around to torment mankind for the foreseeable future.

    • So true Maine. I remember when he gave a televised speech about the “Cop killer Bullets” That would “Tear your guts out” that were sold, and used almost to exclusion by Law Enforcement. His persona reminded me of the Meth Monsters and Crackheads that we would pick up on the ambulance. Their acting out specifically. Chuck and Dean the scream, and the dope fiends are the only people that I have seen in all my years act like that.

  2. Chuck Schumer:

    Champion of the Big Government Nanny State, defender of criminals and the vicious among us everywhere. Tax till ya’ drop, and all around treasonous sort of sad excuse for an American.

    Is there a blessing for Chuck Schumer? Of course there is. May the good Lord keep him far away from us, and may he quickly join his hero Ted Kennedy.

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