Potpourri Pan America: from Russians missiles in Venezuela to Bolivia nationalizing businesses and “Dream Actors” replacing old white men, and more


1.  “Dream Actors” will replace old white men   —  what is being wrought?

2.  Texas Democrats switch Parties?  —  more fallout from November Elections…

3.  Commendable for British immigrants to collect gov’t benefits  and then send part of their left over income to relatives abroad?!  Says who?

4.  Palestinians unilaterally to declare their own state ?  And Argentina Brazil, Uruguay have already recognized their state…  Who’s asleep at the wheel?

5.  Bolivia continues to  nationalize businesses —  anyone keeping tabs?…..

6.  Violence during religious festivals  — not in the Middle East, in Mexico…

7.  1,800 antiaircraft missiles from Russia to Venezuela — Who’s asleep at the wheel?  And it also has been said that Iran is planning to place missiles in Hugo Land that can reach the U.S.A.

8.  Iran tests missiles from subs to air — they can continue to create havoc in the Middle East.


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  1. Talk about a great round up!

  2. Any voter who has supported a candidate who ran for office as a member of a particular party has a legitimate beef if that politician decides to switch allegiances immediately after winning office.

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