Kobe Bryant is not being politically correct by advertising for Turkish Airlines?

Kobe Bryant

[photo from Yahoo Sports]

Kobe Bryant of the Los Angeles Lakers is a favorite basketball player of many but not a favorite of a significant number of others, each for various reason…   Recently it was reported that he had signed an agreement to promote Turkish Airlines… The signing has created a frenzy among activists in the Armenian-American community who since the Turkish-Armenian  War of the early part of the last century despise the Turks and demand apologies from the government of Turkey.

Depending on which side has the floor at a particular time, it is said that the Turks are the devils, or that the Armenians are…  It is a complicated mess  because some  refuse to let die the conflict from the old country during an old order, and perpetuate the unrest in the Land of Opportunity — though some do try to remediate between the antagonists and explain that the Ottoman Empire of the Turkish-Armenian War is not the same as modern Turkey.

Whatever truths there might or might not be in Turkish-Armenian assertions, the point from this perch is that it is abhorrent that anyone or any group insist that Mr. Bryant (or anyone) decline to enter into  a legal business deal, strictly because a self-described distinctive group in The United of America has a grudge against the other party in the venture…

Just sayin’…


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  1. As a Celtics fan and a Kobe disliker I think TA should’ve used Semi Erden. Just saying.
    It is as pointed out by others up to the market and constant cries of pc oriented line items are passe

  2. Personally, I don’t really give a rat’s behind over what Mr. Bryant endorses (or demonizes, for that matter). In my life, his actions have no relevancy. The problems between Turks and Armenians don’t rate that high on my interest scale, either, unless there is some possible effect on U.S. security.

  3. While I respect these peoples right to protest “me thinks this is much ado about nothing” for the most part.

    Why is it that people simply cannot let the free market work without trying to upset the apple cart?

  4. Thank you for your visit to the site and for your perspective.

  5. These glendale Armenians really need to get a wake up call!!! first they’re stealing money from the government and now they want Kobe bryant to stop his advertisments in Turkey? Why would America help? What is it to you Armenians? Kobe’s not even Armenian, back the … … once in your lives

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