Potpourri Pan American: From Hugo Chavez taking steps against the internet, to Evo Morales, to questions about America’s lack of forsight in Latin America, and more.

Ponder This:

16th UN Summit on Climate Change

(Morales: photo from The Guardian)

1.  Hugo also is managing  the Internet — not only is the U.S. A. regulating the net, but Hugo Chavez too is at work…  Chavez is managing to silence his critics, including the press, and now wants to control the internet.

2.  Kidnapping “cottage industry” in Mexico still paying dividends— Mexico at America’s door, in peril.  Where are the Federales?…

3.  Gun rights proponents rejoice — some ARE responsive.

4.  Hudson Institute:  no Obama-Clinton major initiative for Latin America — what has been said on this page and by many others: America is merely a bystander in current Latin American affairs?

5.  Council on Foreign Relations  — interesting data about Latin .

6.  Evo Morales at the past Cancun Climate Conference — if you missed it, Morales (Bolivia) still relishing being the center of controversy as well as being enigmatic and someone to be feared?