Obama instigating regime change in Egypt?

Another failure in foreign policy for the Obama Administration that will further damage American  credibility and security, not only in the Middle East, but around the world?


Person of the Week: Egypt’s Hosni Mubarak

Will Obama be to Mubarak as Carter was to the  Shah of Iran…  

 Just sayin’…

Pay attention to Egypt, but what about Mexico next door?

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Often and continually or continuously, the American government seems to be reacting to trouble spots around the world, not anticipating them and beforehand working to defuse them, even when the problems are right next door to its borders, such as in Mexico…

Now that the Egyptian problem has ignited and is possibly on the verge of exploding into an all-consuming  conflagration with potentially profound possibilities, of course it deserves attention, but the problems that are undermining Mexican society need to be addressed  aggressively right now, too, so that those problems don’t lead to a conflagration as well, within our southern border area — much closer to us than Egypt and the Middle East … As our citizens on the Borderlands have long noticed, it is bad enough already, while  it seems our politicians look the other way.

Full speed ahead right now on solving the immigration problems, the drug cartel problems and overall all the problems   that have arisen and/or have worsen because the Obama Administration has not paid full attention to Mexico, specifically, and Latin America overall…

Potpourri Pan America: “Where are the (American) federales” — Mexico inches toward “failed state” status?


[Photo from WhatMexico.com]

Examples of violence in some Mexican “border cities”:

1.  Matamoros, Mexico  and Reynosa, Mexico  — No “snow birds”   crossing from Texas into this area, probably. 

3.  Nuevo Laredo, Mexico   —  a major  commercial and tourist crossover  point on the Texas Border.

4.  Ciudad Juarez, Mexico — a major commercial crossover point on the Texas border, and, apparently, more people apparently died there last year due to the drug cartels than in Iraq and Afghanistan.

6.  Nogales, Mexico —  It’s a small city, but a major crossover of drugs and illegal immigrants into Arizona.  Wanna play in the national parks in Arizona?  Some are so upset with security that they are about to pass a law directed at President Obama’s re-election bid…

7.  Tijuana, Mexico —  A major  commercial and tourist crossover on the California border. Anybody for surfing in Baja?

Examples of violence in a few Mexican tourist cities:

1.  Cancun, MexicoAcapulco, Mexico ,  Monterrey, Mexico — vacation time anyone?  The rates   are cheap…

Person(s) of the Week: parents of Luís Santos – Luís was killed in an attack involving the son of a political ally of Arnold Schwarzenegger

[A.P. photo]

Along with his associates, Esteban, the son of Fabian Nuñez, attacked some college students because the attackers were not permitted to attend a private student party…  Nuñez is an ex Speaker of the Assembly in California…  In the attack, a student died and others suffered serious knife wounds…  For his violent actions, the Court gave Mr. Nuñez’s son 16 years in prison,  but in the last hours of his governorship, Arnold Schwarzenegger lessened the sentence to 7 years…

Mr. and Mrs. Santos, parents of Luis Santos ( who died in the knifings), for various reasons have filed suit to overturn Schwarzenegger’s  reduction of sentence — including that it appears the action was taken by the governator as a crass political move to help the son of  his political crony, Mr. Nuñez. 

The Santoses are commended for attempting to right a wrong…

It’s funny(?): “Blackie O” is the wife of the president, so says Joan Rivers?

[photo from Radaronline]

Is there any criticism about “this” from leftist or Black organizations or from anybody, or does she get a pass because of her leftist political beliefs?  Even Howard Stern’s crew thought a line had been crossed …  Plastic surgery does not cure racism nor first stage dementia?

Potpourri Pan America: from Tyrannosaurus Rex to Sputnik to Loughner’s dad to itty bitty Sen. Brown, and more

Ponder this

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[Good Rexy, go fetch Al Qaeda, now!!!]

1.  Can you also clone a Tyrannosaurus Rex for me, Mr. Tojo?  — Here Rexy, here Rexy, come and get it (come get Al Qaeda!).

2.  Sen. Brown (R?: Mass.) — what is this man’s little bitty first name?!  Shall he get voted out next little bitty time or is it a good ploy?

3.  Previous V-P Dick Cheney gives them hell  — With or without a beating heart, the man is in the fight, contrary to some…

4.  How ’bout dem Wikileakers?! — in some,… in some cases, they can do some good?

5.    Loughner’s father is the scapegoat?     — right off the bat, underlying it all, always blame the father, is that the babble?

6.  Pow!, ping!, take that,  Mr. Sputnik — it happened in Seattle, uh, no, in Pasa-DENA?!  I thought they were only noted for the Rose Bowl…

7.  Taking it out on the gun owner?  —  give the guy a friggin’  commonsensical break, why don’t they?



1.  “Madman”  — folks, don’t make Loughner out to be a political activist of any stripe, be sensible!

2.  Pima County Sheriff  — an ignorant buffoon or a dangerous political opportunist, worse than any of those whom he criticizes, seemingly in order to stifle political dissent overall.

3.  Chris Cillizza — don’t always agree with him but worth reading this column.

4.  President Obama stirs up violence? —   how about the press calling him on it…  How about the Democratic sheriff of Pima County calling him on it…

5. silence the freedom of speech— ” the pot calling the kettle black”?

6.  Don’t restrict the freedoms of decent people  — well said by the father of child shooting victim Christina Taylor Green, even while in deep grief.



1.  ESPN sportsters continue to be the same old dysfunctional bunch — boys will be boys,… uh,… ol’ geezers will be ol’  geezers, it seems (no offense meant to ol’ geezers) — come on, it’s the 21st century, fellas…  By the way, ESPN, isn’t it long past the time when women ought to have been promoted into the broadcast booth rather than eternally condemned to walk the sidelines and the stands?

2.  How ’bout dem terrorist Arabs killin’ Christians — they want respect and harp that their word can be trusted…  Say what?!

3. Obama’s lap — the news media does not blame the president for the oil price increases at the pump?  What if Bush were still in office?!

4.  sexy makeover — for Global Warming, or simply nudity for the sake of just nudity…  How about Al Gore sans his skivvies?!  No, let’s not go there…

5. Give people a  friggin’ break   — really, all the college athletes are moral purists and the NCAA the purist of them all ???

6.  southern California    — Global Warming and the world freezes?  Even southern California has been been snowed-in…

7.  The outgoing “Republican” California “Governator” commutes sentence of Democratic political crony — came in with the hopes of decent people and left the state in shambles and he as corrupt as one of  the worse of the worse politicians