Potpourri Pan America: ESPN continues chauvinistic, Obama gets a pass, Global Warming goes nude, Arabs kill Christians, Schwarznegger rewards political crony,… and what else is new?

[Photo from L.A. Times: Fabian Nunez and son]

Ponder this:

1.  ESPN sportsters continue to be the same old dysfunctional bunch — boys will be boys,… uh,… ol’ geezers will be ol’  geezers, it seems (no offense meant to ol’ geezers) — come on, it’s the 21st century, fellas…  By the way, ESPN, isn’t it long past the time when women ought to have been promoted into the broadcast booth rather than eternally condemned to walk the sidelines and the stands?

2.  How ’bout dem terrorist Arabs killin’ Christians — they want respect and harp that their word can be trusted…  Say what?!

3. Obama’s lap — the news media does not blame the president for the oil price increases at the pump?  What if Bush were still in office?!

4.  sexy makeover — for Global Warming, or simply nudity for the sake of just nudity…  How about Al Gore sans his skivvies?!  No, let’s not go there…

5. Give people a  friggin’ break   — really, all the college athletes are moral purists and the NCAA the purist of them all ???

6.  southern California    — Global Warming and the world freezes?  Even southern California has been been snowed-in…

7.  The outgoing “Republican” California “Governator” commutes sentence of Democratic political crony — came in with the hopes of decent people and left the state in shambles and he as corrupt as one of  the worse of the worse politicians!!!…


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  1. Human nature at its qualitative worst, I guess. It does seem difficult to find much in the way of good news these days – although Maine inaugurated its brand new Republican Governor and a majority in both its House and Senate yesterday. How that will turn out remain to be seen, but hopefully it is a step in the right direction. For one day, at least, there was hope.

    • Arnie in California went in as an “outsider” and apparently quickly became enamored of being an “insider” and forgot why he was elected… Good luck in Maine.

  2. I agree that the politician’s son got preferential treatment, but also I have to say you PanAm and some others are always picking on President Obama. Give him a break

  3. Forgot. I’m sorry to say I voted for the governor and he did mess things up more and this mess with shortening the penalty of the politician’s son burns me up. If he does it for him he should do it for everybody but I do not want him to it for anybody; let the son serve his sentence, or longer.

  4. I wouldn’t want to see Mr. Gore in the nude for sure. Very informative overall

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