Person of the Week: Navy Capt. Owen Honors

Navy Capt. Owen Honors is shown in this undated official portrait. The top officer aboard a nuclear-powered aircraft carrier broadcast to his crew a series of profanity-laced comedy sketches in which he uses gay slurs, mimics masturbation and opens the shower curtain on women pretending to bathe together, a newspaper reported.

[Photo from CBS News]

An American military man, a U.S. Navy officer who served his country in peace and war, Person of the Week for being another sacrificial lamb at the foot of political correctness — Captain honors of the U.S.S. Enterprise was removed from command for reportedly showing poor judgement in producing, directing  and acting in videos a few years back that were  intended to entertain and boost morale of the ship’s personnel while at sea.   He was the ship’s Executive Officer at the time the videos were shown.

Yes, relieve him of command today if he placed his ship in dire straits, today — and endangered his men if he ran it aground or lost lives, ships or aircraft  in peace or war today because of poor judgement, but for this?!

What has been wrought?

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