U.S. Rep. Grijalva (Ariz.) asks for civility from “the Tea Partyers” and blames them for the Arizona shooting?

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Heard of an excerpt from the Congressman in which he ostensibly blames all Tea Partyers for the shooting in Tucson, Arizona…  Obviously he does not seem to recall his own “uncivil commentary” from the past and so  quickly throws out a wide blanket,  indicting all the decent people who simply want a smaller more responsible  government rather than a massive bureaucratic one that is unresponsive to the people’s wishes…

Watch for the “uncivil” conning and cunning  ones in the coming days who in saintly manner will seek to climb a high pedestal trying to absolve themselves of all faults, and using the tragic event perpetrated by at least one  mad man  to curb or silence the freedom of speech and the liberties of all decent people with whom they politically disagree…

There are fringe elements at the extreme right and left, so no one ought to seek political gain by casting a wide net of accusations if they truly want complete civil discourse…

Just  sayin’…


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  1. As usual, the real problems surrounding this terrible incident are ignored by politicians and bureaucrats falling all over themselves in their attempts to gain a perceived advantage through any means possible. This madman deserves no sympathy for his horrible actions, but until our so-called “public servants” look to the good of the nation as a whole rather than their own agendas such atrocities will continue to bubble up.

    One thing for sure: public figures need to improve their security arrangements. The world that they have structured and now oversee is no longer safe for them due to their own blind ambitions.

  2. You people do not respect the wounded lady from Arizona and the sheriff can say whatever he wants.

  3. Is the “conning and cunning”( Democratic Party member) sheriff of Pima County trying to silence freedom of speech to further the Democratic Party agenda?

  4. This guy is a real piece of work. He will definitely utter more nonsense along these lines as it feeds his agenda needs.

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